Best Travel Shows and Documentaries on Netflix

As a travel addict, generally I love travel movies and tv shows. Since we have not been able to travel internationally this year, I watched more and more travel documentaries. So I wanted to share the travel documentaries and TV shows that I liked the most. If you missed traveling like me and looking for some inspirational travel content, then you should check my travel documentaries list. 😉 Here is my best travel shows and documentaries list, I hope you like it. I will make the order according to IMDB ranking.

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Netflix Travel Documentaries

David Attenborough – A Life On Our Planet: It is a documentary prepared by well known broadcaster and nature historian David Attenborough. I strongly recommend everyone to watch it. It’s a look back at his life and career showing us how our planet is destroyed. He also offers some solutions for the future. IMDB ranking is 9,1.

Tales by Light: The stories of professional photographers chasing nature, animals and different cultures all over the world. While watching their stories, you are traveling the world with them. It inspires you for both traveling and photography. There are 3 seasons of 6 episodes on Netflix, IMDB ranking is 8,3.

Somebody Feed Phil: A TV Show about both food and traditions in different parts of the world. It is a very enjoyable program with Philip Rosenthal’s friendly and funny character. There are 2 seasons of 6 episodes on Netflix, IMDB ranking is 8,1.

best travel documentaries on netflix

Conan Without Borders: It is a very entertaining program by late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien. With a unique style, he shares his interesting experiences from different parts of the world. There are 6 episodes on Netflix, each episode is rated differently on IMDB, but generally over 8.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron: An 8-episode travel show where you can watch actor Zac Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien travel together to different parts of the world. I haven’t watched all the episodes, but I can say I liked it based on the few episodes I watched, for example Iceland was a very good episode. IMDB ranking is 8,1.

Jack Whitehall – Travels With My Father: Jack is a comedian and his father is an aristocratic man, they travel the world together and the both of them are really cute. The first season takes place in Asia, the second in Europe and the last in America. There are 13 episodes in total on Netflix, IMDB ranking is 7.7. I can say this show is the one I enjoy most.

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Dark Tourist: The travels of a journalist who does extraordinary activities rather than ordinary touristic activities. He experiences things that are not normally available on our travel plans, such as illegally crossing borders for tourist purposes, visiting a place with high radiation. I’ve only watched two episodes of this documentary yet, but it doesn’t look bad. There is only one season of 8 episodes on Netflix, the IMDB ranking is 7.5.

Mountain: A documentary with breathtaking scene from the highest peaks in the world, simply amazing. It made me want to be a mountaineer 😛 Single episode, IMDB ranking is 7.2.

best travel documentaries on netflix

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: Chef David Chang’s program on food and culture with celebrities (although I don’t know them much :). Perhaps you’ve heard of Ugly Delicious before, that’s the chef who shot it. I did not put Ugly Delicious on this list because it was mostly food related but this one also inspires for traveling. There is only one season 4 episodes on Netflix, and the IMDB ranking is 6.7.

Expedition Happiness: A filmmaker and his musician girlfriend hit the road with their dogs by renovating a school bus and turning it into a trailer. They are German but their travels are in Canada, Alaska and America. A one-episode documentary, IMDB ranking is 5,9. Considering that they shot the documentary themselves, I think it is a very successful and inspiring story.

seyahat belgeselleri

Extreme Engagement: After a marriage proposal, our couple tests their relationship by discovering marriage traditions in different countries. Meanwhile, of course they have many adventures. There are times when it feels very sincere and sometimes unnatural, but when I watch it without paying attention to their acting, I think it is enjoyable and informative. The only season consists of 8 episodes, IMDB ranking is 5.4.

Pedal The World: A German young man resigns from his job, travels 18000 km by bike in 22 countries for 1 year and shoots his adventures. This is a one-episode documentary, IMDB ranking is 5. Its score is quite low, but I think this movie is encouraging.

best travel documentaries on netflix

Our Planet: One of the most beautiful documentaries in the world, you learn so much from it… Sometimes you get fascinated, sometimes you are grieved. Even my 5 year old son loves it and we’ve watched it many times together. I think it is also a triggering documentary to take some action to protect nature. There is a behind the scenes part, you can watch that too. One season consists of 5 episodes, IMDB ranking is 9,3. Also, for those who like this kind of documentary, I can suggest the Planet Earth documentary I watched years ago, it’s just not available on Netflix.

Night on Earth: This time the night version of nature is filmed, we watch what animals do at night. This is a very successful documentary too. One season, consists of 6 episodes, IMDB ranking is 8,2.

That’s it for now, these are the best will travel documentaries and TV shows for me right now, I will make additions when I discover new contents. Of course, there are many other travel-themed content, but I just shared my loved ones.

Do you know other good travel documentaries? Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any suggestions.

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