Skiing in Georgia: Gudauri Ski Resort

I have great news for ski lovers. Those who are tired of always going to the same places and looking for different routes will love this news. In Georgia there is a relatively affordable ski resort with European-standard slopes: Gudauri. Gudauri, one of the six important ski resorts in Georgia, is a very attractive place for ski lovers with its long ski season, snow quality, lack of crowds and the beauty of its slopes. I’ll start explaining the details, here is a guide to skiing in Gudauri!

Skiing in Georgia

How to get to Gudauri? When to go to Gudauri

Gudauri is located 120 km from the capital Tbilisi. If you are thinking of going to Gudauri during your trip to Tbilisi, my advice to you is renting 4*4 minibuses for around 400 GEL including petrol per day. These minibuses are large enough to fit 6-7 people plus their equipment, and if you’re going crowded, the price is extremely affordable. One way taxi fare is around 300 GEL, especially if you are going to stay, you can choose this way, you can agree on the return in the same way. Of course, it is possible to reduce these prices by bargaining. By the way, the journey from Tbilisi to Gudauri takes between 1.5-2 hours, depending on how your driver uses it. The ski season in Gudauri usually starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of March.

How to get to Gudauri

Where to eat in Gudauri? Gudauri food and drink

There are many cafes and bars at different points in Gudauri. Let me talk about the cafes on the tracks first. At 2700 meters, where the Soliko lift exists, there is the Vitamin Cafe, it has a wonderful mountain view and the food is delicious. Megobari is one of the places I can recommend, it is located a little ahead of Vitamin, at the bottom of the snow park. There are Gradus and Timeout at the first stop at 2010 meters, where the cable car at the bottom comes out, has both open terraces and indoor areas. Drunk Cherry in New Gudauri region is good for Apres Ski, DJ starts playing after a certain hour. The interior of Drunk Cherry is also decorated with sweet details and the food is really good. Apart from these, we usually go to the restaurants of some hotels. The restaurants of Gudauri Loft, Gudauri Lodge, Gudauri Hills Apart Hotel and Marshall Gudauri hotels are also nice, I can recommend the food.

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Where to eat in Gudauri

Where to stay in Gudauri? Gudauri accommodation

In Gudauri, there are accommodation options suitable for different budgets, there are nice hotels, but I have not personally seen a very luxurious hotel. The hotels we stayed and were satisfied with in Gudauri are Gudauri Lodge, Gudauri Loft and Gudauri Hills Apart. All of them also have restaurants and the food is quite delicious. Some of the most preferred old hotels in Gudauri are Carpe Diem and Marco Polo Hotel. These hotels are located on the slopes or very close to them, so I can easily recommend them to those who are ski-oriented. There are many more hotels in the center of Gudauri or in different parts of the mountain, but frankly, I do not know much about them. Apart from hotels, you also have the opportunity to rent a house. If you are going with a crowd, I think you should also research this option. 😉 Not only airbnb, but also houses or apartments are rented on booking. For example, in Gudauri Loft, apart from the hotel rooms, there are apartments and they are privately owned, you can also stay in them, but you can use the hotel’s breakfast and pool for an extra fee. I would like to suggest a house where we stayed in New Gudauri, it was a nice location, directly in the area where the slopes are, with apres ski cafes under it, you can check it out here.

Click for all available accommodation options in Gudauri.

Where to stay in Gudauri

Gudauri Ski Guide

The Gudauri ski resort has 14 working lines of cable way. The first ski-lift starts at an altitude of 2000 meters, the last ski-lift ends at an altitude of 3258 meters. Total lenght of the trails is 75 km., the longest one is 7.5 km. Night time skiing is available on weekends from 20:00 to 22:00 on the first cableway (Pirveli). You can find all trails, cable way lines, hotels, cafes, rental points, etc. in Gudauri from It’s a full map where you can see everything. I hope you were able to find answers to your questions about Gudauri. If you still have questions, please leave your question as a comment, if I know, I will definitely answer. If you like skiing, I suggest you combine it with a trip to Tbilisi and go to Gudauri ski resort.

Gudauri Ski Resort

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