An Insider’s Guide to Best Instagram spots in Tbilisi

Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi has become a popular destination among travellers recently. It’s a unique city with a combination of modern and old architecture. With Instagram, everyone on social media is looking for the picture perfect places while travelling so I’m here to tell you the best instagram spots in Tbilisi.

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Instagram Spots in Tbilisi

Abanotubani Sulfur Baths

With its dome-shaped brick roofs and chimneys, Abanotubani district is a good start for a photography tour in Tbilisi. There are many different picture perfect sceneries here, so try to take photos in various angles.

instagram spots in Tbilisi

Peace Bridge

One of the iconic landmarks of Tbilisi is the Bridge of Peace connecting Erekle II Street and Rike Park over the Kura River, you can take beautiful pictures on it.

Gabriadze Clock Tower

The leaning tower of Tbilisi, Gabriadze Clock tower is a perfect photo spot with its cartoon-like architecture. Try to be there at 12pm or 7 pm to see the puppet show called The Circle of Life. If you miss this, you can still watch the angel hitting the bell with a hammer every hour.

instagram spots in tbilisi


Former sewing factory Fabrika is now a multifunctional space where there is a hostel, a co-working place, many shops and cafes. The place is also very photogenic with its unique design inside and the murals outside.

instagram spots in tbilisi

Kalantarov’s House

This house in Sololaki district was built by a wealthy businessman for his opera singer lover in 1908. Inside the building, the carved plasterwork surrounding the grand entry staircase makes here a perfect instagram spot.

Address: Machabeli Street, No: 17

instagram spots in tbilisi

Gallery 27 – Kaleidoscope House

Tbilisi’s stained glass house from 19th century is home to a small boutique with some nice handcrafted souvenirs. You can both go there to have some shopping and take some beautiful pictures in front of these colorful glasses. You are lucky if you can catch the sun light coming through these windows making a spectacular scenery.

instagram spots in Tbilisi

The Chronicle of Georgia

This majestic and fascinating monument is not visitedby many tourists as it’s a bit far from the city center but if you have some extra time in Tbilisi, I suggest you to go there. There are 16 pillars which are 35 meters long, on the top of the pillars you can see kings, queens and heroes while on the bottom part you can see scenes from the life of Christ.

Metekhi Church

Located on the other side of the river, opposite of the old town, Metekhi Church is a perfect location to take a photo with old city view.

Instagrammable Spots in Tbilisi

Narikala Fortress

The ancient fortress overlooking the city is the best spot to take gorgeous pictures of whole city. You can take the cable car from Rike Park or walk up the hill to get there.

Murals in Underpasses

There are many murals all around the city and especially almost in every underpass, they are very photogenic. This one in the picture is from Baratashvili Underpass.

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (Sameba)

Located on a hill, the cathedral can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Both its garden and the church itself is really quite photogenic, you shouldn’t miss it.

instagram spots in Tbilisi

Mtatsminda Park

Located on the top of Mtatsminda Mountain, the amusement park has the best view of the city. Inside the park there are also many attractions to take interesting pictures. You can take the funicular to reach the park or take a bus.

instagram spots in tbilisi

Tbilisi Opera House

If there is a ballet or opera staged in Opera House when you visit Tbilisi, you shouldn’t miss it. Also the interior of opera house is very authentic which makes it a nice photo spot.

instagram spots in Tbilisi

Love Lock Bridge

Located in Legvtakhevi area, the love lock bridge is a nice photo spot with the padlocks from couples on it. The historic houses and the spiral staircase behind it create an extra beautiful view.

Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography

The museum is located on a hill overlooking Vake District and sprawled over 50 hectares of land. You can see examples of folk architecture and crafts from around Georgia, there are more than 70 buildings.

Aerial Cable Car

The cable car which carries you from Rike Park to Narikala Hill, gives the most amazing picturesque views of Tbilisi city. You should definitely take a ride, it takes only a couple of minutes.

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    • Hi normally there is no problem, you can stay here for one year but in this pandemic situtation, I think you should check it with your embassy.

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