The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix (2022)

I love Christmas. Dreaming for a new year, setting up a Christmas tree, decorating the house and, of course, watching Christmas-themed movies to get in the mood. Every year I watch all the new movies on this subject, and this year I’ve already finished the ones I haven’t seen before. 🙂 There are not only Christmas movies but also Christmas-themed TV series on the list. I’ve also included Christmas movies that can be watched with children. Here you go then, my list of “the best Christmas movies and series on Netflix” is with you, I hope you enjoy watching them.

Netflix Christmas Movies and Series

First of all, I would like to start with the Christmas TV series. Then you can find movies and finally animations for kids.

The Best Christmas TV Shows on Netflix

Home For Christmas: Norwegian made, 2 season 6-episode mini-series, IMDB rating of 7.6. Tired of her family’s relationship questions, chronically single Johanne tells her parents she has a boyfriend and goes on a boyfriend search to introduce them. It’s definitely a very enjoyable and naive series, the episodes are short, they’ll go smack, easy going.

Over Christmas: A three-part German mini-series originally titled ÜberWeihnachten, with an IMDB rating of 6.7. Bastian, a failed musician, goes to his family for Christmas and some nasty surprises await him at home. I think it’s a fun series, it’s short, I suggest that you watch it. 😉

Dash & Lily: Dash and Lily send each other notes and dare games through a notebook. One hates the Christmas spirit, the other loves it very much, and they try to convince each other of their thoughts. An 8-episode series with an IMDB rating of 7.6. The lead roles are a little young, so it’s a teen drama, but it’s not bad.

The Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

Christmas-themed movies are usually romantic comedies. Let me warn you, this is a list of crunchy snack movies filled with clichés. Honestly, I don’t expect much from a Christmas movie other than it makes me smile and warm my heart. If you have higher expectations, I don’t think you would like these movies. 😉 By the way, don’t think I’ve put all the movies I’ve watched on the list, some movies were really bad to watch at all, I eliminated them.

Holidate: I watched this movie because it was recommended by a few people on Instagram. Yes, it is enjoyable to watch, it made me laugh sometimes, it made me smile stupidly and so on, so I like it too. It tells the story of a couple who make an arranged love to each other at special times like Christmas. IMDB score of 6.1.

A Christmas Prince: A journalist woman is sent to make news about a prince who will become king, but she has to hide her identity to learn the details. I think it’s a sweet movie, Royal Wedding and Royal Baby movies were made as a sequel, but I haven’t watched them yet. I’ll add my comments when I see them. Its IMDB rating is 5.8.

The Princess Switch: This is again one of my favorite movies, IMDB rating is 6 but I think it should have been better. A princess and a cake maker who came to her town for a competition look like twins and switch places. There was a sequel called Switched Again and of course I watched it too. 😀 A third similar is joining the scene, and they all mixed together. 😛 Even though it’s nonsense I could watch it with the help of Christmas scenes.

Midnight at the Magnolia: Two friends who have been close friends since childhood and are presenting a local radio show together, are abandoned at the same time, just as they were going to go on the national channel at Christmas time and introduce their lovers to their families on a live broadcast. Guess what happens? 😛 Of course, they decide to save the situation by playing the role of lovers and surprise their audience. IMDB 5.8.

The Knight Before Christmas: Our main character, who is a knight in 14th century England, encounters a magician when he goes hunting one day and is sent to the present. Again, it was a movie full of nonsense, but still entertaining and made me smile. IMDB rating of 5.5.

A Cinderella Story – Christmas Wish: In this movie, the modern-day Cinderella tale is told, but there were no glass shoes in the movie. 🙂 I can say that Kat, who lives with her stepmother and siblings, is on a journey to reach her dreams and love. It’s a bit teenager movie, but I still watched and it made me smile. 🙂 By the way, the movie is not exactly a musical, but there are 3-4 scenes with long singing. IMDB score of 5.3.

Falling For Christmas: Lindsay Lohan plays a spoiled rich girl. When she receives a marriage proposal from her boyfriend on the mountain top in the ski resort, she falls and loses her memory. A man who works at the ski resort saves her but she has lost her memory, she doesn’t remember anything. The rescuer offers to take care of her in his own hut. A standard romantic movie with Christmas details. It’s made in 2022 and its IMDB score is 5.4.

Love Hard: A female writer flies across the country to see her crush who she met on a matchmaking app. When he goes to his house, she comes across a completely different person, that is, he used someone else’s photo. The writer, who is very upset, goes to the bar for a drink and comes across the real man in the photo. Then the man from the app introduces them and so on. 🙂 It’s 2021 production and its IMDB score is 6.3.

A Wish for Christmas: Sara is a hardworking but somewhat gullible girl. She shares a business idea with her marketing manager and the guy tells her that he doesn’t need her ideas and then presents the idea as his own. Sara asks Santa for the courage to defend herself this time, and her wish comes true for 48 hours. In the process, she falls in love with the CEO of the company, etc. It is a watchable movie, although not super, IMDB score of 6.

Four Christmas: A couple, both of whom are divorced, try to visit all the parents on the same day at Christmas time, all the while feeling like they’re getting to know each other again. I liked it because the movie contains old familiar faces instead of new young artists, IMDB score of 5.7.

New Year’s Eve: I don’t know how I missed this movie before. Honestly, I couldn’t remember if there was that much celebrities together in another movie. 🙂 You watch the stories of different lives on the last day of the year, of course, there are short touches with each other. I think it gives what is expected of a Christmas movie. It also gives you a little New York vibe, IMDB rating of 5.7.

Christmas Inheritance: A young woman wants to take over her father’s company but her father isn’t sure because he thinks she’s a bit spoiled. Then her father sends her hometown to give Christmas letters to the founding partner of the company to understand the spirit of the company with only $100 in her pocket. And then she begins to learn lessons from life. Its IMDB rating is 5.7. It is nice to watch it for the sake of the Christmas warmth, but don’t prioritize it.

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