The Best Crime Thriller Series On Netflix

As we are stucked at home because of Covid-19, I watched a lot of TV series recently and I wanted to share my favorites with you. Since my favorite genre is detective thriller, I usually go for them, so I decided to prepare a list that consists of best crime thriller series. All of the series on this list are currently available on Netflix, and I will make new additions whenever I watch new series. By the way, let me tell you something about me; I am not that kind of person who constantly looks for logic errors with a detailed critical eye while watching movies or TV series. I mean, I am just an ordinary audience and I’ll write the series I enjoy watching, just to give you an idea these days when we stay at home. Here is my list of Netflix crime thriller series that I watched recently.

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Best Crime Thriller Series

Best Crime Thriller Series on Netflix

Broadchurch: A British crime drama, with total 24 episodes in 3 seasons, IMDB score 8.4. The series takes place in a quiet seaside town where almost everyone knows each other. After the death of an 11-year-old boy, you see that everyone in town has secrets. The killer is found at the end of season 1, and he is on trial in season 2. In season 3, there is a brand new event, the story of a woman who was abused.

The Sinner: An American Tv series consisting of 3 seasons with 24 episodes in total, IMDB score 8. Each season has a different subject and I watched just the first and second seasons. Although it progresses very slowly, it is a very immersive TV series. The people who committed the crime are obvious but the murder reason is unknown and they do not remember. Believing that the killers have a very valid reason, our detective finds out the truth during a season. I can say it is one of my favorite TV series on this list.

La Mante: A French-made, 6-episode mini series, IMDB score 7.5. I really like crime shows, but especially serial killer series attracts me much more. In this series, an old serial killer in prison is asked to help find a new serial killer who impersonates her. It was a satisfying show for me with its storytelling and shortness, I recommend it.

Best Crime Thriller Series

Top 10 Crime Thriller Series on Netflix

Marcella: A British crime detective series, wth three seasons and 8 episodes in each season, IMDB score 7,4. A former detective Marcella returns to work to investigate an unsolved serial killer case case from 11 years ago because it seems that the killer have become active again. Marcella also has to deal with his home life because her husband left her and they have two children. Marcella is a very smart but extremely ambitious person, she’s annoying at times, but the series is really nice, I recommend it.

The Stranger: An 8-episode British thriller series, IMDB score 7,4. A mysterious stranger tells a family man a secret about his wife, and his life comletely changes after that. The main topic of the series is based on this issue but there will be more secrets in other people’s life. I found this series very immersive, I recommend it.

Safe: A British-made 8-episode series, IMDB score 7.3. When I liked The Stranger, I noticed Safe, another TV series by the same author, and when I saw the name Michael C. Hall, whom I love from Dexter, I immediately watched it. The daughter of our man, goes to a party in the site where they live and then she disappears. While he is looking for his daughter, he learns that her boyfriend, who lives on the same site, is also missing. It turned out to be a site full of secrets. There were things I found very stupid in the show but it was still pretty gripping. They finish each episode at a good point so you want to move on to the next episode immediately.

Best Crime Thriller Series

Best Crime Thrillers on Netflix

DeadWind: A Finnish crime drama of which original name is Karppi olan, 2 seasons, IMDB score 7,2. Detective Sofia Karppi was recently widowed with two children and returns to her job in Helsinki. Her first case is the strange murder of a woman who was found naked at a construction site. There is a new case in second season, it starts with double murders tihis time. She has a partner while investigating the murders, Sakari Nurmi. first season has 12 episodes and second season has 8 episodes, I liked both seasons.

The Forest: A French thriller drama of which original name is La Foret, with only 6 episodes, IMDB score 7,3. In a town where everyone knows each other, a sixteen-year-old girl disappears one night. When the police investigates the case, they start to find out secrets of the people who live in the town. The missing girl’s body is found and then two of her girlfriends disappear. By the way, there were some women who disappeared in the town many years ago. Events somehow connect to the forest, the name of the series comes from that. Maybe not a very good drama, but I think it was engaging and intriguing.

Valhalla Murders: An 8-episode series made in Iceland, IMDB score 7,1. The series kicks off with a bloody murder, then a few more murders happen. Later, we understand that there is a long-standing reckoning behind the murders. A dark and intriguing series at snow-covered Icelandic landscapes. When I finished this, I started researching Scandinavian crime series immediately, I liked the general mood of this “nordic noir” type series.

The Frozen Dead: A French-made 6-episode mini series with the original name Glacé, IMDB score 6.3. The story begins with the discovery of a headless corpse of a horse belonging to a wealthy businessman. A police officer who used to work in the area before is called for this case. When this police officer finds the horse’s head, on the crime scene he also finds a DNA belong to an old serial killer in prison. Both an old serial killer and new murders are involved, again, it is a genre I like most. I must admit that I hardly watched the first 2 episodes of this series. It progresses quite slowly, but I gave it a chance because there were only a few episodes and then I really liked it.

I hope this list will work for crime thriller freaks like me. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share it in the comments, so everyone can benefit including me. Every suggestion is very useful these days as we stay usually at home. I’ll continue adding best crime thriller series whenever I discover a new one.

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