Best Influencer Apps to Take Your Instagram to the Next Level

Ever since Instagram has existed, we have all been paying more attention to our photos. Then instagram launched stories, IGTV and lately Reels. So we always look for a difference in both videos and photos. Photo and video applications used by influencers are wondered all the time. As an influencer myself, I decided to share the best apps for content creators. You may have heard of some of them, maybe you are using some of them, but I’m sure there are some very special applications you haven’t heard before. I will write why I use each of these applications. So, here are the best photo and video editing programs used by Influencers and famous content creators.

Best Influencer Apps for Instagram

I will share the applications by categorizing them according to their intended use.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Lightroom: First of all, let me mention about Lightroom, the application that I use every day. You probably heard about it but maybe you have tried it and didn’t quite understand how to use. All infuenceres use this app bfor their instagram posts ecause it’s really the best one for editing photos. I suggest you to watch videos about its use on YouTube, you’ll realized that it is not that complicated. There are many features similar to other applications, but you can go into very specific details.

best influencer apps for instagram

Lightleap: I think I can define this app as a miracle creator. You can even bring the Northern lights to Ecuador. 🙂 and I’m sure you will be more interested if I tell you that you can do this with just one click. You can add many effects and also edit your photos with amazing preset filters.

Snapseed: This app is a very old one but they always make improvements. You can enlarge your photos that do not fit on Instagram with Expand, delete unwanted objects in the photo with Healing, and much more. I recommend that you browse all the features.

Remini: With this application you can sharpen your blurred photos. You can also renew your childhood photos to make them have better quality.

best influencer apps for instagram

Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram

Inshot: This app is really great for videos. You can create videos of your own design by combining one or more records. I think it is a very easy and practical application to create videos on the phone quickly. By the way, it also has photo editing and collage functions, but I use it mostly for video.

8mm: An app for capturing nostalgic videos, like old cameras. In the free version you can shoot only one type of video. If you download the pro version, it allows you to use different effects and also modify an existing video.

best influencer apps for instagram

Vita: This app looks very nice but I must admit I just use it to make cloning videos for Reels. If you don’t know what cloning is: the videos that you can watch the same person doing different things at the same time in a video. This app helps to do that effect.

How To Clone Yourself In a Video

Best Instagram Story Apps

Unfold: I usually use this app to create my instagram stories. With this application, you can give your stories a more professional and stylish look. The app is free and one set is included in this free package, but you can purchase different shapes and fonts.

best influencer apps for instagram

Over: Another nice application that is similar to Unfold but you it has different templates. You can also create video stories in this app.

Artory: I use this app for its great collection to make Highlight Covers for instagram stories.

Best Instagram Feed Planner Apps

Preview: This application is mostly useful for those who try to create a color theme in their Instagram account. Before I upload a photo to Instagram, I definitely take a look at how the photo looks in general order. So when someone checks your account, they can see a nice profile at first glance. I can also suggest Mosaic app, it works the same.

best influencer apps for instagram

Best Photo Collage Apps

Collage: Sometimes I need to make photo collages for my blog posts, then I get help from this program. The program is completely free.

Pic Collage: This is a more advanced collage application, there are many different templates, you can make collages in any size and model you want but it has limited choices for free.

The Best Goal Tracking Apps

I hope these best influencer apps for instagram will help you to create great content. If you have any other app suggestions, please feel free to share it in the comments, so everyone can benefit. I’ll continue adding the best apps for content creators, whenever I discover a new one.

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