How To Clone Yourself In a Video

You know, Tiktok and Instagram’s Reels feature is very popular recently. We started to see many different effects in videos and I think one of the most interesting one is the cloning effect. In the beginning, this was only possible with professional video editing applications, but now it can be easily done with different phone applications. I have found three applications on the market to do this on the phone, but there is one that is really very easy to clone people in just a few seconds on the phone. In this article, I will explain how to make cloning videos from that application only, I will show each step with detailed screenshots. Once you do it, you will see how easy it is. Here it is, how to clone yourself in a video for Tiktok or Reels…

how to clone yourself in a video

How to clone yourself in a video?

First of all, let me tell you which application is used to shoot cloning videos. Today I will introduce you the Vita app. Two other applications I have reviewed for cloning are Video Star and VideoFxLive, maybe you’d like to check them also.

How to Shoot a Clone Video?

As you can guess, it is not possible to combine any two videos and create a clone effect. There are a few details that you need to pay attention to during the shooting phase, let me briefly tell about them. You should definitely use a tripod and never move your tripod while shooting. If you move it, you won’t look like in the same frame. You should adjust the frame width according to the clones you want to make. You will make a separate video for each clone and none of these clones should be in contact with the other. The cloning is done with the overlapping method, so your arm and leg may be cut off.

I think you will understand better what I mean when I explain the application usage details. You can see the application photo below, these two videos were shot without moving the tripod, and as you can see the two pictures don’t touch each other, I left enough space between my clone and myself. 😀

how to Clone Yourself In a Video

How to Clone Yourself On the Phone

Now let’s see how to use the Vita application. When we open the application after downloading, the screen below appears. From here, we click on “New Project”.

The app will ask for permission to access your photos, and when you allow, your last videos will be seen. You select the first clone video and click the arrow in the lower right corner. You will see the video you selected on the page that opens. And at the bottom you will see a menu of symbols. There, you will scroll the menu slightly to the right and click where it says Pip, which I marked in red.

When you click on Pip, your phone’s album will appear again and you will select the second clone video now. Then the second video will appear on your screen in a little smaller frame. Now we will drag this video to full screen size by dragging the corners I marked in red.

how to clone yourself in a video

Now the two videos are overlapping. We will do the last hit so that both can appear on the same frame. We grab the arrows I marked in the photo below and pull it towards the half of the video. And yes, our video is almost ready. 😉 Now, we click the double arrow marked with red at the bottom left twice and click the Export button in the upper right corner of the screen that opens and save the video to our phone.

As you can see, it is very easy to clone yourself. If you have any other easy app suggestions to clone yourself in a video, please feel free to share it in the comments, so everyone can benefit. If you want me to continue adding apps for photo and video editing don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends.

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