How To Buy The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

If they make a research on what is the most popular product of 2020, I guess it might be the smart robot vacuum cleaners. As we spent a lot of time at home due to the quarantines and we hesitated to get help with fear of viruses, our best helper in last year were smart robot vacuum cleaners. Whenever I share my robot vacuum cleaner on my instagram stories, I get many questions about it so I wanted to prepare a buying guide for the best robot vacuum cleaner.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How To Buy The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

I have watched dozens of videos and read hundreds of comments for robot vacuum cleaners before I bought it. So I will try to help you decide which robot vacuum cleaner is the most suitable for your home and budget. I will write the pros and cons of robot vacuums.

Why you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

If you do not like to vacuum the house or you do not have time, but want your house to be constantly clean.

If you have a pet and it sheds, or if your hair falls out too much.

If you are allergic to dust.

If you have a baby crawling or putting everything to their mouth from the floor.

If you want your house to be cleaned when you are not at home.

Then you should buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

What to know before you buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaner sometime can get stuck at somewhere in the house.

Things like socks, cables or other small objects can get stuck in the robot vacuum so you should pick them up before cleaning.

If your house is full of stuff, the vacuum may not be suitable for you because it can not enter everywhere, it needs space to sweep.

They require maintenance. Dust bins are smaller than normal vacuums so you have to empty them after every cleaning, if you have a big house, it may be necessary to empty it even two or three times. In addition, its brushes, filter and mop also require regular maintenance.

You still need to vacuum your house manually because robot vacuums can’t clean the corners but it will definitely reduce your need of vacuum frequency.

What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

Be careful about battery life and charging time, this is an important detail depending on the size of your house.

Look at the dust bin size, if your house is big then a big bin will be better.

Check the suction power, high suction power means it can clean better.

Make sure that the height of the robot vacuum cleaner can pass through the space under the furniture such as sofa, bed, etc. in your home.

If the noise is important to you, it would be nice to check the noise level of robot vacuum.

Check the mopping function if you want your wacuum to do wet cleaning.

Check out the navigation system and its features like virtual barrier, mapping etc.

Check if it can be controlled remotely from a mobile application or a remote controller.

Check if it has stair detection, scheduled cleaning etc. if they are important for you.

Robot vacuum cleaners FAQs

Now I want to share the answers of frequently asked questions about robot vacuum cleaners.

How much do robot vacuum cleaners cost?

A good robot vacuum cleaner starts from 200$ and goes up to 2000$.

Are robot vacuum cleaners worth it?

Yes, the robot vacuum cleaner worth it. Especially if you want your home to be clean all the time, but you do not like to vacuum or don’t have time, I think you can buy it for daily cleaning.

Are robot vacuum cleaners loud?

The robot vacuum cleaners are not louder than normal vacuums but they have some noice. You can still watch TV though.

I hope these tips for buying a robot vacuum cleaner will help you to choose the best vacuum. If you have any tips for tobot vacuums, please feel free to share it in the comments, so everyone can benefit. If you ask me what I have: it’s Xiaomi Mijia 1 C and it’s the best affordable vacuum cleaner according to my research. It’s really adequate vacuum for my flat with one-floor and 3 rooms.

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