7 Best Cafes in Tbilisi for Coffee

If good coffee is important for you then you have come to the right place to be happy in Tbilisi. I’m not one of those who can’t live without coffee, but I have enough coffee culture to distinguish between good and bad coffee. 🙂 Since I live in Tbilisi, I try to go to all coffee shops and I wanted to make a list of good coffee shops for those who will come here. The best coffee shops guide in Tbilisi is with you…

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Best Cafes in Tbilisi

Where to drink the best coffee in Tbilisi?

There are many coffee shops opening in Tbilisi, but I will share my favorite cafes among the ones I tried.

Shavi Coffee Roasters: I can say that the coffee shop in Vera is one of the most popular in Tbilisi. Apart from the section at the entrance, there is a room also in behind. Usually all tables are filled with freelancers, but I always able to find the last single seat. 🙂 They have small snacks such as tarts and cakes.

Address: 40 Mikheil Zandukeli St.

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ERTI KAVA Coffee Room: It is located behind Rustaveli street. I can say that this is my favorite place for its indoors. In one room there are swings around the table, in the other room there is a children’s playground, and there is a spacious entrance area. It also has a Vake branch, but you should go to the one at the below address. They have breakfast options.

Address: 8 Mitropan Laghidze St.

tbilisi coffee

Daily Grind Coffee & More: It is located very close to Freedom Square, towards the Old Town. A small cafe, you can sit on the sun loungers and watch the passers-by and drink your coffee. There are food options such as cakes and tarts.

Address: 4 Kote Afkhazi St.

tbilisi coffee

Pulp: Located in Vera. It’s a nice, airy place, with seating in front of the door. Again most of the places are usually occupied by freelancers. They have breakfast options. They also make nata here, you can try it if you like.

Address: 22 Simon Janashia St.

tbilisi coffee

Coffee Place: Located in the Sololaki area, on the ground floor of an old apartment building. I love the interior decoration, and I enjoy drinking my coffee while looking out the window. There are food options besides coffee such as cakes and tarts.

Address: 24 Galaktion Tabidze St.

tbilisi coffee

Puri Guliani: This place is located in Chugureti, just ahead of Dry Bridge market. So if you come to the market, your coffee address is here. 😉 I love their desserts. Apart from coffee, it is a really nice place for breakfast and other meals.

Address: Saarbrucken Square

tbilisi coffee

Kvarts Coffee: It is located on Rustaveli Street. The specialty of this place is that they make a small cartoon of you while your coffee is being prepared. If you want such a souvenir from Tbilisi, you should definitely stop by. There are breakfast options.

Address: 26 Shota Rustaveli Ave

tbilisi coffee

I’ll share my favorite chain cafes that have branches in different parts of the city. If you are not close to any of the above cafes, you can go to these ones for coffee: Coffee LAB, Entree, Paul.

There are many more coffee shop of course, but I didn’t want to confuse you by extending the list too much. That’s why I’ve only shared my favorites among my own experiences. I hope also you like these cafes. Do not forget to follow me for photos and videos with plenty of information about Georgia and Tbilisi.


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